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Festival Drinks Dispenser – Revolutionising Festivals

Festival Drinks Dispenser – Revolutionising Festivals

Everyone enjoys the summer festival season. From the very first whiff of spring in the air consumers are planning which festivals to go to, who will be going with them, how they are going to decorate their tent so they recognise it and if they’re going to be needing wellies or sunscreen this year!

But, there’s always that one little problem with festivals….

Queuing for refreshments!

Ok, so maybe showering and queuing for the loo are up there too, but we haven’t quite managed to solve those problems…yet!


The festival drinks dispenser solution

We have all been to a festival or two, so we know that feeling when trying to get to the refreshment stand feels like trying to get to the front of the main stage! We too have known the dilemma of staying in line and missing the start of our favourite act, or waiting for another hour and braving the queue for refreshments once again.

We’ve also met a few event organisers and we know this is not something they want any festival go-er to be enduring. It’s not fun and it’s not a profitable way for consumers to be spending their time.


So we set out to solve this problem for them…

At Thirst Solution we now offer three types of festival drinks dispenser, meeting the needs of our customers and satisfying their consumers, all in one nifty backpack:

  • Compact Thirst Pack – this drinks pack has the capacity to hold 21 pints of hot, cold or carbonated liquid
  • Dual Dispense Thirst Pack – this drinks pack dispenses up to two different draught non-carbonated liquids from one pack
  • Universal Thirst Pack – the drinks pack that can! Draught, hot, cold, cans and bottles – it does it all!


All three of our drinks packs are designed for use as a festival drinks dispenser. We also offer interchangable branding panels which can be used to either advertise the different products, your own marketing messages or those of your festival sponsor such as their branding.

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Why our festival drinks dispenser is the crowd pleasing solution:

No-one enjoys the time at festivals spent queuing – and this includes queuing for refreshments. From a consumer perspective it can put a dampner on the experience, leading to negative social media posts and not booking for the next festival…which is far from desirable.

From a festival organiser’s point of view, it means:

  • less people watching acts
  • less money being spent at other areas of the festival such as at stalls and on merchandise
  • lower takings for stall-holders and advertisers
  • overall it can mean less cash spent by festival go-ers at the actual event, less people coming again next year and less advertisers seeing the benefits


So when introducing our festival drinks dispenser to the mix, we’re able to satisfy both consumers and festival organisers in one go:

  • consumers can get their refreshment with less time spent queuing and in more locations, as the festival drinks dispenser is fully mobile
  • organisers see more happy consumers, are making more money and getting a really positive social media feedback – in fact we have seen a whole wave of selfies from people at festivals spotted with our festival drinks dispensers!


Happy consumers. Happy festival organisers. Happy us.

Now, if we could just get to solving the issue of queuing for the loo…

Thirst Solution the ultimate in mobile food and drink vending and product sampling



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution can be the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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