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Our Mobile Food Dispenser – The Industry Leader

Our Mobile Food Dispenser – The Industry Leader

The mobile food dispenser is a key investment for every event organiser looking to increase their revenue through direct sales or product sampling packages.

Our ‘Hunger Pack‘ mobile food dispenser has been used at a wide variety of events.  Festivals, sporting events, arena gigs, theatres and more have all been used as the setting by big brands to both sell and sample their products.

Everyone from Haagen-Dazs ice cream, to Wagamama noodles have all chosen the Thirst Solution Hunger Pack as their mobile food dispenser choice – if ever you needed a testimonial these brands are it!

Thirst Solution Hunger Pack Mobile Food Dispenser pack for mobile vending and product sampling at events

Why do big brands consistently choose Thirst Solution’s mobile food dispenser?

Our mobile food dispenser is the solution of big brand’s dreams.  With interchangeable high visibility branding, one mobile food dispenser can be used for a multitude of products, each with their own unique design:

  • This allows brands who have several products to simply change the branding panels for each activity, rather than having to invest in a mobile food dispenser for each product.  A huge cost saving
  • This is also true of experiential agencies who may use the Hunger Pack mobile food dispenser at a range of events, and for a a variety of clients
  • Events organisers and equally, individual venues, can also benefit from the interchangeable branding of the mobile food dispenser.  They can be hired them out as part of a product sampling package with the brand’s individual marketing message(s) on


But on top of the high visibility branding, is a very clever high-tech design.  This market leading ingenuity provides the mobile food dispenser with the ability to keep products at optimum temperature for 1 hour.  This ensures the perfect serve every time – a challenge faced by Brand Managers across the board!

It’s not just the brand’s we’ve thought about when design our mobile food dispenser, but the vendor’s themselves who will be wearing them.

A common complaint is weight and comfort of wear – two issues we sought to overcome with the Hunger Pack.  Once again our high-tech designers have solved this problem with an ergonomic design.  This design allows the wearer to carry up to 16kg – one big reason why our mobile food dispenser is favoured by experiential agencies.

Thirst Solution Hunger Pack Mobile Food Dispenser for Events


And here’s the science bit: Everything you need to know about our mobile food dispenser

  • Our Hunger Packs hold up to 16kg of weight (the recommend filling to the comfort of the vendor)
  • The specialist light reflective technology and insulating materials ensure the product temperature is maintained for up to 1 hour, providing optimum serve every time
  • With an ergonomic reverse harness, the vendor has efficient and easy access to the pack whilst distributing the pack weight for comfortable wear
  • We build in an internal frame in order to protect products inside.  this is a key feature of our mobile food dispenser as it ensures products are served in perfect condition each and every time
  • Service opening allows for vendor efficiency, whilst maintaining product temperature.  A crucial design feature that ensures optimum product serve
  • Easy interchangeable branding is the key to our mobile drinks dispenser.  It allows brands to use the Hunger Pack at a range of events to serve or sample different products.  Or even for venues to offer sampling packages to brands at their events with the simple changeable branding
  • All of our mobile food dispenser Hunger Packs are available in premium looking red or black, with bespoke interchangeable branding panels
  • We provide international shipping to over 100 countries world-wide



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