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Presenting: The Drinks Pack

Presenting: The Drinks Pack

Events can wildly range in size from a few hours at a small local festival; right through to large-scale, country-wide, 16 day affairs such as the London 2012 Olympics (our Thirst Packs where there and it was amazing! Read about it here). But, one problem they all have in common is:

How to satisfy consumer demand for beverages….

We have all been there – at an event where the queue for the bar feels like it runs the circumference of the site. Felt our hearts sink at the unavoidable delay before we can quench that thirst with ice cold refreshment. And, sadly missed out on other experiences that event could offer. Or worse – the bar ran out of our favourite drink. All because we were stood in line waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

So we set out to solve this problem…

At Thirst Solution we now offer three types of drinks pack, meeting the needs of our customers and satisfying their consumers, in one:

  • Compact Thirst Pack – this drinks pack has capacity for 21 pints of hot, cold or carbonated liquid
  • Dual Dispense Thirst Pack – this drinks pack dispenses up to two different draught non-carbonated liquids from one pack
  • Universal Thirst Pack – the drinks pack that can! Draught, hot, cold, cans and bottles – it does it all!

Thirst Solution drinks pack for mobile vending and product sampling at events (2)

Why you NEED to be investing in crowd pleasing solutions:

We’ve certainly never met anyone who actually enjoys waiting so long in a queue. Imagine the impact this makes on the event:

  • Lower sales (not everyone is willing to queue)
  • Consumers trying to bring their own beverages to the event
  • Consumers missing out on other elements of the event while they spend time queuing – this could be time spent *spending money* at merchandise stalls for example
  • Consumers posting negative messages on social media about having to spend so much time queuing – which could impact on next year’s sales
  • Reduced enjoyment of the event as a whole


Now imagine the impact on the event when you invest in drinks packs:

  • Increased sales from the bar (as queues are shorter it’s not so off-putting)
  • Additional sales made by drinks pack vendors
  • Reduction of people trying to bring their own beverages in, as ‘getting to the bar’ has been made easy
  • Less queing = more time spent at other elements of the event, increasing footfall and money spent in these areas (read: happy advertisers and stall-holders!!)
  • No-one tweeting about having to queue for the bar – posting selfies of how much fun they’re having at your event instead
  • Increased enjoyment of the event overall – leading to increased bookings for the next event


So, simply solving the age-old problem of long queues for refreshment, means satisfied consumers and more profitable events. Which makes us happy too!

Thirst Solution Mobile Vending & Product Sampling Pack

How will my drinks pack be unique and stand out from the crowd?

Big brands like Heineken, Evian and O2 have already experienced the benefits of drinks packs for their events. And big businesses require big stand out and instant recognition of their brand.

So, we have customised our drinks pack to be brandable, and better yet offer interchangeable branding functionality. This means that if you’re a brand with multiple products, or a company which owns multiple brands, or even an arena that will be selling different beverages at different events…our drinks pack is already the solution for your needs!



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution can be the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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