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Christmas Spirit and Beer Backpacks in the Air

Christmas Spirit and Beer Backpacks in the Air

Usherette Tray Christmas Countdown by Thirst Solution, the makers of beer backpacks UK and worldwide


Today is the first day of December, 2015 which means we can officially start celebrating Christmas!

Oh yes, we’re in the office today with our Christmas jumpers on, a stash of Mince Pies in the kitchen, the Christmas CD is playing and our festive fragrance air freshener is already half empty!  At this point I’m sure we don’t need to point out to you how much we enjoy the build up to Christmas.

Our products may not seem the most festive: beer backpacks, usherette trays, hunger packs don’t usually appear in Christmas posts on Pinterest, but that’s not the sort of thing that would hold us back!

So, we’ve gone ahead and made our very own Thirst Solution Christmas Countdown!!!!!

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