Brands, experiential agencies and switched on Marketeers are incorporating into their marketing plans for 2016 the genius of high visibility sales & marketing.

Put simply, the product(s) to be sold will be promoted with BIG impact.

But how are they planning to do this?  And what new and exciting marketing techniques do they plan to use to achieve this?  Well, if you work in the food or drinks sales & marketing industry, we hold the answer…


Be Bold, Be Seen

One of the very best ways of getting brand in hand, particularly for the food & drinks market, is through mobile vending.  Mobile vending can be used equally as effectively for both sales campaigns and for sampling campaigns.

So, whether your objective is to boost sales in a highly targeted way, or to raise awareness within a targeted market through sampling activity; mobile vending is the key.


But What is it About Mobile Vending That Makes it High Visibility?

The very nature of mobile vending makes it high visibility.  There is no missing mobile vendors when they are at work, meeting directly with consumers to make sales or offer samples.   In certain situations, such as the interval at sports games, the target market actually seeks out mobile vendors as they expect them to be there!

Mobile vending can be VERY targeted, (ie you know where and when your target market market will be in a certain place, so that’s when you send your mobile vendors there), so you’re automatically making your brand high visibility within that market.  For high sales conversions you will struggle to find such a successful rival.

With Thirst Packs we make sure all the branding panels on our packs are high visibility and what’s more they are easily interchangeable too offering versatility of brand message or even completely different brand’s messaging.  Our Usherette Trays can come complete with branded flags or banners too, ensuring the brand is seen in the right place, at the right time and by the right people.



Be Ahead of the Game

With high visibility sales and marketing big on the agenda for 2016, the only question left is: where will you use it to make your client’s brand stand out?




Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution has the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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