We’re in the business of sales & sampling and lucky for us a lot of our products are supplied to major events around the world.  We’ve been privileged enough to supply the likes of:

And our plans to supply even more events in 2016 are going strong!

So, when we see a great article giving advice to the events industry, it’s in our nature to share the knowledge and offer our own additional thoughts on it:


3 Ways To Make Your Event Stand Out

This article from Eventbrite is a great quick read relevant to all event professionals and their suppliers (including us!).  They recommend:


1. Partner Up With Social Influencers

This means a bit of work in research that could go a long way in ticket sales!  With 14% of millenials saying they would buy a product from someone they follow on Instagram*, it makes sense to dig out who your audience listen to and find a way to work with them.


2. Provide Live Updates For Your Fans

In short, your fans crave regular updates on your social media profiles:


3. Make Use of Your Fans Reviews

Eventbrite put it like this:

 Sharing what your attendees are saying about you is key to influencing the purchasing decision of other potential ticket buyers. So next time someone’s spreading the love, be sure to use this to your advantage and share this freely.

Need we say any more?


3 ways to Make your event stand out from the crowd
Make every event stand out

*Our Extra Top Tip*

This dear readers is free of charge straight from the hub of Thirst Solution HQ!  Tip no.4 on making your event stand out is:

Never make your event go-ers have to find refreshment – take it to them!

In doing so you will gain additional sales and make a greater revenue whilst simultaneously making your visitors HAPPY and likely to return and recommend you.

The Best Bit?

You can do this with absolutely minimal investment.  And with products such as our Thirst Pack drinks backpacks (also known as beer backpacks, but don’t let the name fool you, they serve everything from tea to cans of cola), branding is completely interchangeable which increases their longevity for use at future events!



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution is the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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