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We noticed something recently that we’re quote often asked and thought it would be a great time to share with you some of our thoughts.   We’re very often asked what makes us different, why should you be using our products?

So today we wanted to write about a few key reasons that make our mobile vending products stand out from the crowd…  And why big brands like Coca-Cola, Cadburys, Ben and Jerry’s (to name a few!) use our products too.  Not that we’re bragging, but it is nice to shout about!


5 Reasons Big Brands Choose Thirst Solution’s Mobile Vending Products

5 reasons to use Thirst Solution for Mobile Vending Products

1. FAST Turnaround and Plenty of in Stock Items

When you need a mobile vending solution fast, we keep plenty of items in stock just for you!  All that’s left to do is print your branding panels, which we are able to turn around very quickly, and deliver them to your desired destination.

There’s no need to panic, we are here to help!

What’s more, we won’t be beaten on quality, so just because our turnaround times are exceptional does not mean that we skimp on quality.


2. WORLDWIDE Courier Delivery

For global businesses, our worldwide courier delivery service takes one extra piece of logistics off of their plate.  All we need is an address and we will organise everything.  We currently deliver to over 100 countries worldwide.

Split deliveries?  No problem!  We can deliver you order to multiple addresses around the world.  Let us take the pain out of logistics for you.

Part deliveries?  No problem!  We can split your delivery to receive different quantities on different dates.  Talk to us about this when you enquire.


3. Bespoke Products & Innovation

It’s no secret that we are a ‘can do’ company.  In fact, innovation is our favourite part of the job!  So if you think you have something of a challenging requirement, we are the people to talk to.


4. Expert Design Team Do it For You

Our expert designers have years of experience of creating high impact artwork specially for Thirst Solution’s range of mobile vending products.  They know what works, what fits the branding panels and how to make sure your branding stands out.

So, let us take another thing off of your ‘to do’ list and put the artwork together for you.


5. Exceptional ROI

All of our mobile vending products are designed, rather uniquely, to offer the absolute best return on investment possible.

When Thirst Solution was founded, it was our mission to create high quality mobile vending products that could be used at event after event, venue after venue and promotion after promotion.  This in turn meant we had to find a way to re-brand the units for each event so that our customers could benefit from excellent value for money.

So that’s what we did.  We created products that offer interchangeable branding panels so that with each event all that is required is new branding panels rather than complete new units.  This keeps costs at an absolute minimum which means a greater ROI with each event.

Call us old fashioned, but we think it makes much more sense to build products that last.


Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution is the answer to satisfying your consumers – our mobile vending solutions include: Thirst Pack beer backpacks / mobile vending drinks dispenser, Hunger Pack mobile food packs, Usherette Tray concession trays & Wicker Vendor Tray mobile vendor trays.

We’re already excited to work with you!



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