You may have already discovered the quality, versatility and promotional impact of our Usherette Tray; be benefiting from increased sales or even have exceeded your sampling activity targets by using them….  But there are definitely a few things you won’t already know about the Usherette Tray.

Here we bring you 5 nuggets of information that we bet you don’t already know – and hopefully we’ll inspire you with a few new ideas to use too:


1. When You Need Your Usherette Tray Urgently

Did you know that the Thirst Solution Usherette Tray is available in 15 off the shelf colours for fast delivery, worldwide?  So fast in fact, that they could be with you in as little as 2 days.  When time is tight give us a call!!


2. When You Need Bespoke Colours

Did you know that we are the only people in the entire world who can Pantone match your Usherette Tray to your brand colours?  That’s right, your Usherette Tray can be made in the exact colour your brand requires PLUS interchangeable branding panels for your promotional messaging.  This feature takes a little longer to turn around than our standard off the shelf colours, so if a bespoke solution is precisely what you need then get in touch.


3. When You Need Multiple Promotions

Did you know that our branding panels are easily interchangeable?  This mean that you can buy 1 Usherette Tray and use it for a variety of brands and promotions, simply remove the branding panels and replace with ones with a new or different message (which we will be more than happy to arrange for you).  Our Usherette Tray is high quality too so it is built to last for promotion after promotion.


4. When You Need To Know You’re In Safe Hands

Did you know that marketing and promotions teams from big brands such as Coca-Cola, Greggs and Cadbury are just some of the companies who choose our Usherette Tray for their sales and sampling activity?  We’re used to working with high profile big clients right through to niche independants, agencies, marketing teams and entrepreneurs.  So when you need to know you’re in safe hands, just take a look at some of the people we have worked with here.


5. When You Need Versatility

Did you know that our Usherette Tray is the top choice when it comes to sales and sampling activity?  They have proven time and again to be a unique and effective way of getting brands straight into the hands of consumers.  But, did you know that our Usherette Trays aren’t just for food and drinks promos?  They’ve been used for a whole host of off the wall activities and our favourite has to be Essie’s mobile manicure bars – now there’s some thinking outside of the box!!

Thirst Solution Usherette Trays Usherette Tray



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