We’re very proud to say that for the second year running, ATG have selected our very own Usherette Trays for 31 of their venues to use throughout Panto Season.

The Usherette Trays will be fully branded for ATG and used before Pantomime shows, during each interval and after each show to sell ice-creams and pantomime merchandise – tweet us a picture if you spot one!

ATG love our trays as it provides them with a highly effective mobile sales device which can quickly and easily be re-stocked with various different products and brands.  This provides additional opportunities to sell a range of different key products at different points, making the very most of each show’s sales opportunities.

Our Usherette Trays have been integral in driving sales throughout ATG’s theatres with such success that they have bought more again this year – testament enough to the power of our mobile sales vending solutions!

It’s Not Just Usherette Trays

In addition to providing their mobile sales solution, ATG came to us looking for a solution for compact, easily stored booster type seats for children to use when watching their Pantomime shows.  There are two key issues with children’s tickets in theatres:

1. Size – children are not tall enough to see the show past the person in front of them and are far too light to even keep the seat down when they are sat on it!

2. There is a big increase in the number of children visiting the Theatre at this festive time of year, so more solutions to the problem of children being able to see the performance are required.  This means more STORAGE space is needed to house the solution when children’s shows aren’t on.  Which most Theatre’s don’t have much of!


The Thirst Solution…

As always, we like to say ‘yes’ to our customers.  ‘Yes of course we can do that’.  And then we really enjoy the challenge of bringing tailored solutions to reality.  It was no different when ATG came to us with their problem.

The solution??

Inflatable booster seats.  Single handedly ticking every box: providing a solution for children to be able to see the show AND folding down to a compact size so that absolute minimal storage is required.  And ATG were clearly delighted with our innovative solution.


Inflatable booster seats may not be  the usual kind of product you expect from Thirst Solution, however this is living testament to our ethos of doing everything we can to make our customer’s lives easier, by providing them with the solution to their problem!



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution is the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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