Planning for Events Season

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If you’re well and truly immersed in planning for your next big event, rest assured you are not alone. The events industry is booming and is now home to over 530k full time jobs, 10k venues, 1.3million events and over 85million event go-ers in the UK alone.  Few, that’s a big deal – we all deserve [...]

Thinking Outside of the Marketing Box

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Marketing is a really interesting, diverse and ever-changing industry to be in.  Some may describe it as a think tank of engineers coming up with new ways of doing the same thing to make their product ‘pop’. It’s the challenge of generating the campaigns to maintain that one step ahead of the competition, whilst simultaneously finding [...]

2016 the Year of High Visibility Sales & Marketing

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Brands, experiential agencies and switched on Marketeers are incorporating into their marketing plans for 2016 the genius of high visibility sales & marketing. Put simply, the product(s) to be sold will be promoted with BIG impact. But how are they planning to do this?  And what new and exciting marketing techniques do they plan to use to [...]

How Do You Make an Event Memorable?

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If you think about, we’ve all been to hundreds of events already in our lives, haven’t we?  Really think about it and try to write down every single one you can remember… It’s ok, we’ll still be here when you’ve finished writing – don’t rush! […]