Compact Thirst Pack


  • 1 x 11.3L Keg
  • Insulating Keg Jacket
  • Maintains product at optimum serving temperature for up to 4 hours
  • Our most compact, lightweight design ever!
  • 1 x Dispense Hose
  • Integrated money belt
  • Pressurised using Track Pump for efficient dispense and charging of multiple packs
  • Option carbonation kit available
  • Brandable
  • Interchangeable branding
  • Available in black
  • International Shipping

Featuring a bespoke moulded light reflective insulating jacket, the drinks pack can hold 1 x 11.3 litre keg whilst maintaining the product temperature for up to 4 hours. Pressurised using air or Co2, the Compact Thirst Pack (also referred to as a beer backpack) is the ultimate in fast and efficient dispense. This is fast becoming our most popular design ever!

Designed to complement the Thirst Pack, the Front Serving Pouch is completely colour coordinated with the Thirst Pack. It can also be branded, forming an integral part of the 360 Degree Branding Package. The Front Serving Pouch uses the same light reflective technology as in the Thirst Pack to maintain the optimum service temperature of the ancillary/additional products. This makes it the perfect accessory to hold ice, hot or cold snacks, sugar, milk portions, promotional literature, etc. Coupled with the Thirst Pack, the additional storage available allows the vendor to service more customers with each trip.

Every Thirst Solution mobile vending product can be used to promote your company or product with our fully interchangeable bespoke branding packages. Regardless of whether you want a Thirst Pack, Hunger Pack or Usherette Tray, we can brand the equipment with your required image. The branding package is designed to maximise the visibility of the vendor, stand-out from the crowd and to promote you with an innovative service in association with brand image. Crucially, high quality products served efficiently using our range of mobile vending solutions will attract and retain customers and boosting brand loyalty. If at the end of the campaign or service you would like to change the product being served, the branding can simply be removed from the interchangeable sections with new images inserted.

Universal and Streamline Thirst Pack Branding Dimensions;
Back of Thirst Pack – 297x420mm (portrait)
Branded Flags (double-sided) – 297x210mm (landscape)
Front Serving Pouch – 330x210mm (landscape)

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