These used to be your only options when it came to that deliciously creamy, cold bowl of joy that is ice cream. The market for this chilled treat has changed rather over the last 20 years, and whilst traditional flavours were once at the foreground of the menu, now, ice cream brands are going all out to develop a range of interesting combinations of flavours to please every palette. We all have our favourites (mine’s mint choccie….), but what unites us is that we all want quality, wherever we are.

Super-premium brand leader Häagen-Dazs has been at the front of this charge towards diversity of flavours when it comes to quality ice cream. Häagen-Dazs is globally recognised in this regard. Their ice cream is thick and creamy, with very little air mixed during the manufacturing process, and strictly no emulsifiers or stabilisers added. With a great backstory to the brand, emerging from New York circa 1920, and a quality product range to boot, Häagen-Dazs is iconic. As such, we have been thrilled to be working with them to develop a line of Usherette Trays for their products to be vended in London’s West End.


The icing on the cake during any show at the theatre is the tasty treat during the interval. Punctuating the two parts of a performance, the ice cream break is an integral part of the event overall — something that bonds young and old. We all love that little spoon that comes popped inside the lid, and there’s nothing better than knowing that underneath is an ice cream of superior quality. Now, we are part of that ever-so familiar experience. Our in-house team have developed 200 custom designed Usherette Trays with full Häagen-Dazs branding , which have been supplied to over thirty West End Theatres. Not only that, we have also helped to design custom made money belts for Häagen-Dazs vendors to wear to ensure the efficiency of sales during the very limited time-frame offered in theatrical intervals.

Häagen-Dazs Usherette Trays hold varied and substantial stock, which means that vendors can move through sales quickly, especially when our vending tray is used alongside the well-thought out money belts. Cleverly designed, these comfortable products allow vendors to move in crowded spaces, such as theatres, and provide a strong brand presence throughout, becoming part of the cultural scene. Our in-house design team matched up the recognisable dark red Häagen-Dazs brand colour, and customised the Häagen-Dazs Usherette Trays accordingly. The brand was displayed to the front and sides of the mobile vending tray, and made the point of sale instantly recognisable.

As Häagen-Dazs say, their ice cream is about “romance, indulgence and special moments all over the world.” Their presence in London’s theatre land represents just this, and Thirst Solution is proud to be a part of their mobile vending strategy.

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