Did you hear about our BIG news last week?  We are absolutely thrilled to be able to announce that we are now ten years old!  That is correct, ten years in business and happily we are continuing to grow.


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Providing Mobile Vending Solutions Worldwide For Over 10 Years

It was a little over ten years ago when we first realised that very special gap in the market that seemed to exist just for us!

That gap was queues.  People were so fed up of queuing at events but there seemed to be nothing consistently solving their problem.  Queues were even putting people off making a purchase – the event was effectively losing revenue.

Since bringing our products to market in 2006 we have seen our Usherette Trays, Wicker Usherette Trays, Hunger Packs and Thirst Packs used for such a wide variety of events and products.  When we created these products we could never have imagined the Usherette Tray as a nail bar or the Hunger Pack as a way to sell programmes – but thanks to some marketing genius these things and more have happened.

We have been successful in providing mobile vending solutions for some major, world renowned events like the Rugby World Cup.   Major international companies like Ben and Jerry’s.  And even to fresh faced business start-ups who only needed 1 unit and who we have since been lucky enough to watch their businesses grow.

If this was a CV we’d be pretty impressed with everything that we have achieved over the last 10 years!

And yet really, it is our own CV.  Looking back at everything we have been a part of in countries around the world, well we are very proud of it all and the great business which we have built.


Thanks To All Our Customers, Colleagues and Partners

We couldn’t stand here today and say that we did this alone, made it 10 years in business and creating our own success story along the way.  We’re pretty sure no-one in business could say that either.

So it is with much appreciation that we must thank every single person who is part of the extended Thirst Solution family, our colleagues and partners.  We would also like to say thank you to our very valued customers, who have shown their love and support for the mobile vending solutions that we create.

The great feedback we receive from you all goes to show that excellent quality products that provide an easy and effective solution, really is the ethos for a business to build on.

And so we have done precisely that.  Thank you.



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution is the answer to satisfying your consumers – our mobile vending solutions include: Thirst Pack beer backpacks / mobile vending drinks dispenser, Hunger Pack mobile food packs, Usherette Tray concession trays & Wicker Vendor Tray mobile vendor trays.

We’re already excited to work with you!



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