Green King have once again shown their savvy business know how to capitalise on the football season in a unique way.  As we see the Euro’s now in full swing, Green King are heading the field by using our very own fully branded Usherette Trays to drive incremental sales of snacks throughout their pubs.

vendor trays used by Green King to upsell snacks during Euro 2016 soccer matches concessions trays

Their brief was simple: drive snacks sales during key football events to capitalise on a busy trading period, in an interesting, eye catching way that above all else increased sales specifically of snacks. Creating that winning formula!

What a game changer for hungry footie fans!

The results of Green King’s campaign have so far been really positive with Green King’s branded Usherette Trays being sited across London and creating a big impact on their sales of snacks.  By displaying their snacks in our quality vendor trays on or behind the bar, Green King have revolutionised our concessions trays by transforming their use into highly effective point of sale and display that is really attractive to customers.

No longer are our Usherette Trays solely for the use of sales and sampling campaigns, with clever marketers getting the most for their money by using them in really innovative ways such as point of display.

We’re proud to work with Green King and be part of their sales and marketing drive through Euro 2016.



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