We’ve been busy working away at Usherette Tray head quarters, as always and this week we have something interesting rather to report.

Greggs Usherette Trays

Usherette Trays have been supplying Greggs for years.  We’ve a proud history of working together and providing them with a product that allows them to get out on the streets with sales and sampling promotions, and even to promote the launch of new stores.

The news today is that we’re once again working with Greggs and providing them with their Usherette Trays.  Greggs have opted for a custom colour which we colour matched to their logo.  A striking dark blue (sorry, we can’t give away the exact pantone number!!) and Greggs branding across the units make their trays distinctive and instantly recognisable as Greggs.

Greggs plan on using their new branded Usherette Trays across the country this December as part of their national Christmas campaign to boost sales during the festive period.  It also gives them the opportunity to raise awareness of their store in each town in a way which is well received by customers – who wouldn’t want to be approached for a sample from Greggs?

The best bit is the conversation opportunities this opens up with customers.  Now they are easy to talk to about the brand and products, giving the server the chance to get across brand messages or further information about their promotion, including giving the customer any literature and vouchers.  Traditionally this can be a difficult thing to achieve, but with the use of Usherette Trays and some really rather tasty samples, barriers begin to be easily broken down.

When You Spot Them…

So, when you’re in town over this festive season, keep an eye out for your local Greggs and see if you can spot them wearing an Usherette Tray out and about to promote their store.  And if you do, tell them we say their trays look great!



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