Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations Mobile Vendor Mobile Hawker by Thirst SolutionLast month in the UK saw a momentous and historical occasion – Queen Elizabeth II turned 90 years of age and the entire country was out to celebrate in style.  Not ones to be left out, here at Thirst Solution we thoroughly enjoyed the day and are so incredibly proud to be able to say that we supplied 10 of our very finest Hunger Packs to the Royal Windsor Horse Show for the big event.

These Hunger Packs were branded in nothing less than Royal fashion, with purple branding panels adorned with the Queen’s official imagery!!  We were, rather understandably, incredibly excited to see these packs come off the production run.  Working on a project for the Queen’s birthday is certainly a moment in time that will remain a proud part of our company history.

But, the really interesting thing about this project is that our Hunger Packs were not used to sell or sample any kind of hot or cold food from at all…  No, this is where we see an interesting ‘light bulb moment’ and innovation clearly came into play!  Our very own Hunger Packs were indeed used at the Queen’s royal birthday celebrations, but they were in fact used for the purpose of distributing the Queen’s official programme!

Our Hunger Packs certainly proved their worth on the day as they kept the product clean, dry, uncreased and provided a really easy and effective way for mobile vendors to deliver programmes directly to the crowds of people.

We love this idea for a really different way to use our Hunger Packs and we’re thrilled to have been involved, if only in a very small way, in the success of such a historic day.

Our Hunger Packs are of course available in off the shelf colours for any event to serve hot or cold food, perfect for sales and sampling activity for brands big and small.   But this gave us an opportunity to truly showcase their innovative and various uses as well as the impact and importance of utilising the branding panels.  We’re also able to make fully bespoke products – get in touch today to see how unique we can make your next sales, sampling or mobile vending product and really make your brand stand out from the crowd!

Now we’ve provided our Hunger Packs for the Queen’s birthday, can we say we’re the mobile vending brand trusted by Royalty??!!  Probably not, we’d likely get into trouble, but it would be nice!!



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