If you think about, we’ve all been to hundreds of events already in our lives, haven’t we?  Really think about it and try to write down every single one you can remember…

It’s ok, we’ll still be here when you’ve finished writing – don’t rush!


How Do You Define an Event?

When you take the time to sit and think about it you suddenly realise the great variety of things the word ‘event’ covers.   And how that meaning seems to change throughout our lives.

Right back from when we were children attending our school summer fete we felt the build up of excitement to the big day.  Looking back we remember (through rose-tinted glasses no doubt) long summer days, the freedom of playing with our friends and not a care in the world as we bobbed for apples.

Fast forward to the joys of young adulthood when we’d finally got the freedom from our parents to go and see our favourite band at our very first live gig.  Bright lights and the big city, feeling star struck and the adrenaline still pumping hours after it was all over.  We bet you can still remember who it was you went to see…

These are the moments that stay with us.

Even as events professionals we attend seminars, trade shows, conferences and sporting events – we’re all seasoned event go-ers, and perhaps didn’t even realise it.

The word ‘event’ is so hard to define as it covers so many wide ranging categories.  Yes the local school fete counts as an event but can it really be put in the same box as the recent Rugby World Cup?  Well perhaps to the people organising it, that’s how it felt.  And for those children attending, they had the time of their lives.  And perhaps that makes it every bit as successful.


What Truly Makes An Event?

Pondering back on our event experiences, we got thinking…

What is it that actually makes an event really memorable?

And we don’t mean just the ones you remember we mean the events at the very top of your list.  What was so special about those events that they sprang to mind instantly…  And put a smile on your face?

For us, the events where we look back and get that warm fuzzy feeling, are the ones which we felt emotionally connected to.

It was all about the people we were with, that even though not everything went right (and between dodgy directions, torrential rain and forgotten tickets we can safely say not everything has gone right!), we took it all in our stride.  The atmosphere was electric and the energy we felt was incredible.   And there was always that something that made it so totally different from anything we’d ever experienced before.

The organisers of those events had worked ridiculously hard to make sure we felt our minds were well and truly blown.  And they succeeded.

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