As the wetter weather begins to set in here in the UK we see ourselves naturally looking towards all the events that Autumn and Winter bring for us.  Halloween is fast approaching, followed quickly by bonfire night and then on to the full swing of the Christmas season.

One of our favourite things about this time of year is all the events going on.  Particularly at the theatre where Pantomimes play daily to packed audiences for the whole of December and often through to January.

Yes, we’re not afraid to admit our love of a good seasonal Pantomime.  And unsurprisingly we spot usherette trays at the interval in pantomimes year in, year out.  Why?  Because they provide the perfect sales tool for quick, efficient sales of big queues of people.

Ice Cream Usherette Trays in Action

Even though we’re in the business of making ice cream usherette trays, we still love to see them at the theatres.  The excitement of the interval usually sees everyone in our party rush out the door for a quick toilet break, trying to beat the queues.  Meanwhile one of us queues up for the ice cream from the usherette and has to balance 10 pots of ice cream back to our seats!

By the time they all get back we re-seat and enjoy a nice pot of ice cold ice-cream…  Hoping that we got the right flavours.  Is it just us, or for some reason does ice cream always taste so much better out of those small one person sized pots and eaten whilst sat in a theatre from those tiny little spoons?

There’s nothing quite like it!


Sales Boosters

Ok, so now we’re now really looking forward to the season ahead… And we might have drifted off for a minute there to see what Pantomime is on this year near us… But what we don’t want to forget to tell you is really how effective ice cream usherette trays can be.

Boosting sales of refreshments during the interval at the theatre is good news for the theatre and the everyone involved in it.  Most importantly, customers are kept happy because they can be served very quickly and without having to even leave the theatre if they don’t want to.

But the best bit about our usherette trays…. They are built to last.  So if you have a regular event that you want to use them again and again for, Usherette Trays are not only a cost effective solution, but over time provide you with a greater and greater return on investment.  With each and every use you can increase sales and profits from refreshments.

We even make sure our branding is easily interchangeable.  So when you use your usherette tray for a different product, promotion, event or even a different production, all that is needed is new branding rather than whole new units.  It’s not often you find a product that can say they can do that!



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