Our Usherette Trays are no longer just for product sampling and mobile vending.  No, no!  Move over food and beverages, there’s a new way evolving….and we like it!

We’ve spotted a trend recently of brands using our Usherette Trays for something other than their originally intended purpose.  When we created the concept for ‘Usherette Trays’ we wanted to provide a really user friendly yet professional way for food and drink to be sampled or sold to the public by brands, agencies and even venues.

We could never have predicted just how popular they were going to be, or the inventive, interesting and different ways that people would think to use them.  Brilliance we say!


So What Have People Been Up To?

Whilst our Usherette Trays are still hugely popular and effective as a product sampling / mobile vending solution, with really creative branding and knowledgeable salespeople using them…  We want to use this blog post to highlight their versatility and give thanks to the people who really thought outside of the box with their use of our Usherette Trays.  And boy did they do something very, very different!

Possibly our most favourite way to use an Usherette Tray of all and an absolutely genius marketing idea (round of applause for the person who came up with it), here’s what those clever people at Essie thought up to do.  Three little words: Mobile. Nail. Bar.

Well, who wouldn’t want to be stopped for a bit of impromptu pampering??


Essie using Thirst Solution Usherette Trays for mobile pampering on the go

Check out @essieuk ‘s innovative use of our #UsheretteTrays – mobile pampering on the go!

— Thirst Solution (@ThirstSolution) September 21, 2015


 We get a lot of love for our Usherette Trays

Brands love them for giving them a way in to engage with customers that are traditionally more difficult to reach.  Agencies love them because of their high impact and our quick and easy delivery.   Staff love them as they are super easy to wear – lightweight, ergonomic and hands-free.  Customers love them because usually they’re getting a little something for free on top of a new, positive experience with the brand.

Here’s a quick low down of what makes our Usherette Trays fly off the shelves:


To find out more and see our Usherette Trays in action, watch our short video simply by clicking here.



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