It’s time to shine and we’re not just saying that because the sun has come out we’re saying that because it’s the perfect time of year for you, your agency, product and brand to SHINE!  But how exactly do you make that happen, in a way which ticks all the boxes:


Well, not to sound too bold, but we hold the answer…


Product Sampling With Results Like No Other


If we could tell you that we could use our products to walk right up to your target customer and engage with them in a way that makes them HAPPY, would you believe us?

If we could tell you that product sampling using our Thirst Pack beer backpacks, Hunger Packs, Usherette Trays and Wicker Vendor Trays gives your product the power to get directly in to the hands of your TARGET customer whilst creating a unique opportunity for one on one dialogue with them…  What would you use this opportunity to say to them?

If we told you that not only can our products enable you to make your target customers feel loved by your brand (brand advocates anyone??), but it can open the door to directly influence your SALES too?

Well, our Thirst Packs, Hunger Packs, Usherette Trays and Wicker Vendor Trays genuinely do all of this for your product.  Tried and loved by the likes of Mars, Nescafe, Heineken and more, you know you’re in safe hands and our products WORK.

Thirst Solution Mobile Vending & Product Sampling Pack



But the Best Bit is…


All of our products are superior quality and designed for use after use.  That’s why every one comes with interchangeable branding panels – this gives you endless opportunities to use your Thirst Packs, Hunger Packs and Trays for promotion after promotion or even use between brands.

And if you’re looking for a more bespoke, head-turning solution then get in touch because this is our speciality!  Did you know we’re the only company WORLDWIDE who can pantone match our Usherette Trays to your brand colours?  We’ve even gone as far as turning our Thirst Packs into complete bottle replicas – there’s no missing that brand!!

No matter how unique or visionary your desires are for your sampling activity, we are here to help.  And if you’re wondering if something can be done…  The answer is YES!



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution is the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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