Christmas is the time of year for giving.  It’s a message which we’ve all been listening to and acting on for years. And brands are no different.

Brands big and small love to give things away at Christmas, with product sampling being high on the agenda when looking at ways to push sales over the festive season in a way which is well received by their consumers.

Thirst Solution sits top of the Christmas list of ways to do this.

Our innovative and highly effective mobile sales & sampling devices, such as our Thirst Pack (beer backpacks) have been used for 10 years by brands and agencies WORLDWIDE as they know that our products always deliver.

boost christmas sales and sampling activity with Thirst Solution using our range of beer backpacks, hunger packs, usherette trays and wicker trays

Make Them Feel Special

So, whether consumers have been naughty or nice, it’s the ultimate time of year to reward them with free product samples – or even to introduce a new product / range to a highly targeted market.

Making consumers feel special instantly builds a positive emotional response to your brand, a relationship to build on and which will be the basis of their choosing your brand over your competitors.  Activity such as product sampling and giveaways opens the door to loyalty for life.


Make Sure It’s YOUR Brand In Their Hand

Getting brand in hand at the biggest shopping time of year is crucial in cashing in on those extra Christmas sales.

And the best way to do it is with our mobile sampling devices – our range of Thirst Packs (beer backpacks) provides a solution for every type of drink and our Hunger Packs, Usherette Trays and Wicker Trays provide solutions for food sampling opportunities.

A time tested way to use product sampling to drive further sales, is to add value to the customer experience by not only providing free samples (aka getting brand in hand) but then offering further money off coupons / rewards upon purchases on the day and in future.

A range of vouchers could be offered if suitable, to get consumers into the habit of regularly purchasing your product over the competition.

In addition, well briefed and knowledgeable experiential staff are the single most important aspect of all sales and sampling campaigns.  They provide your biggest in-road to your target market.  They’re wearing your beer backpacks / Usherette Trays and representing your brand.  Getting the right people in place will define the success of the campaign.


The Most Magical Time Of Year

Christmas truly is the most magical time of year.  With well planned sampling campaigns using quality products such as our Thirst Packs (beer backpacks) and Usherette Trays, it’s set to be a very Merry Christmas for all our customers and their consumers.

If you haven’t got yours yet, don’t panic!  With fast delivery to over 100 countries worldwide, there’s still plenty of time to get yours in time for Christmas – contact us today to order yours!



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution has the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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