The luxury design house that is Jimmy Choo, has taken to the streets! Chic mobile vendors have been parading outside of the flagship London store adorned with custom designed usherette trays, loaded with their most recent fragrance samples. Jimmy Choo has 115 stores in over thirty countries, and is renowned for its beautiful leather goods and accessories.

Whilst the Jimmy Choo name is synonymous with luxury shoes, (think SJP in Sex and the City), this particular mobile sampling strategy allowed the less familiar aspect of the brand to shine. This isn’t any old advertising or marketing campaign; Jimmy Choo chose a simple, glamorous, and effective way of introducing their new perfume range, Flash, which hit the shelves in 2013.

In keeping with their sophisticated brand identity, Jimmy Choo chose to keep it classic in their Usherette Tray design. A sleek, gloss black finish with the brand name located simply on the front of the vending tray certainly made a statement. Coupled with the elegant outfits the Jimmy Choo vendors were styled in, you have a recipe for successful mobile sampling.

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Jimmy Choo

Flash, is Jimmy Choo’s second fragrance. Designed with sophistication and the urban woman in mind, it is a sensual and integral part of the glamour of ‘dressing up’ — a theme carefully developed in this campaign with the help of the in-house design team at Thirst Solution. Flash is a floral Eau de Parfum, with fresh pink pepper top notes, a strong heart of tuberose, and a powdery base. It is modern, yet classic. Vendors wore a clever take on military-style coats finished with leather gloves, and carefully low-knotted hair which set a glamorous, old school scene for what is, essentially, modern sampling. Jimmy Choo’s Flash was given the perfect stage on which to be showcased.

This engaging campaign enticed the public, introducing them not only to the new fragrance, which floated pleasantly down Bond Street, but also encouraging them to explore the nearby flagship store. Lightweight usherette trays provided vendors with ultimate comfort, allowing them to focus on product samples and customer engagement. Elegant outfits and stylised sampling made the mobile vendors approachable, and memorable.

We’ve all found fragrance samples lurking about at the bottom of a shopping bag, but this isn’t always a particularly effective way to draw in customers, or introduce a particular product. To start with, this usually means, (shock horror!), that you’ve already just chosen a perfume, and probably won’t be that interested in whatever sample has been flung haphazardly your way. By using this mobile sampling technique with customised usherette trays, brands can engage more readily with customers, shoppers, and the public. A memorable campaign will make sure that your product is noted, even if it isn’t purchased on the spot. Mobile sampling is essential to this process.

The Jimmy Choo Usherette Tray created an exciting and inspired environment for fragrance sampling — with the sampling becoming an event in itself. Flash was able to step into the limelight in this instance, and Jimmy Choo have set the standard for mobile sampling.

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