It’s the beginning of a brand new year, and here we like to take a moment to take stock of the year past.  Our successes, our pitfalls and our new product developments that weren’t even thought of a mere year ago.

2015 was, for us, a fantastic year – busy, energetic and innovative.  A resounding success that leads us into our 10th year of business – providing mobile vending solutions and much more, to our clients around the world.


Big Names Put Their Trust In Us

ATG, Twickenham, Mars, Coca-Cola, Somerset House to name but a few…

But 2015 wasn’t just about big names working with us on their mobile vending & sampling campaigns.

2015 was also the year where new brands, existing brand’s new products, experiential agencies, venues and stadiums discovered and benefited from our range of Thirst Packs, Hunger Packs, Usherette Trays and Wicker Vendor Trays.

Thirst Solution has directly contributed to sales growth on a global scale!!


New Product Development Progress

Of course some new products we’re not yet at liberty to divulge, being top secret works in progress that we’re set to release during 2016.

But for now we can look back on successful item’s we’ve innovated for our client’s such as:


We Couldn’t Forget Rugby World Cup

Our very own Thirst Pack beer backpacks provided Rugby World Cup with the mobile vending solution for their sponsors, Heineken.  Our products were there, in the thick of it, keeping Rugby fans refreshed without even having to leave their seats.

What better example of the real world effectiveness of mobile vending getting brand in hand at stadiums and events?


And of Course Continual Growth of Our Core Products

Our core range of Thirst Packs, Usherette Trays and Wicker Vendor Trays have continued to grow during 2016, leading on to an exciting year ahead for 2016.


We’re very proud to say we’re global mobile vending and product sampling specialists, providing bespoke products to brands and agencies around the world.  And 2016 is set to be our biggest year yet!




Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution has the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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