409, 2018

Innovation, openminded and always better!

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When you are sitting at the drawing board and attempting to design a product which sets you apart from the rest of the world, many factors come in to play: What makes you better than everyone else? What can I do to make people's lives easier? Would people spend money to buy this product? These are the questions that Director [...]

1803, 2018

Countries that celebrate Easter differently to us

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Easter is either a time of reflection for those in the Christian faith or an excuse for many to get chocolate-wasted. We also look forward to the long weekend and bank holidays that often sees an invasion of different number plates in the country’s coastal towns. No matter the tradition, Easter is the big sigh of relief in the first [...]

3101, 2017


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We hope you have had many lovely Christmas and New Year celebrations. Team Thirst Solution certainly did! It was good to take a break and kick back. Now its time for us to get back in the swing of things and ensure that we are here for you. […]

2812, 2016

We’re Here For You

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It's that funny kind of inbetween week where Christmas has been and gone and we've thoroughly enjoyed it, but New Years seems like a party far, far away.  Do we go to the gym to try and reduce the bloat from one too many Christmas treats or enjoy it for just one more week and wait to worry about it in [...]

1512, 2016

Christmas Opening Hours

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year (can you tell we like Christmas just a little bit??!!) and so we will of course be spending some extra special quality time with those we hold dear over the festive season this year. But this doesn’t mean that it has to impact on your order in any great way […]