As with any product there are always a range of frequently asked questions that we hear from our customers about our drinks dispenser backpack.  Being the ever so helpful people we are here at Thirst Solution, we thought we’d put them in one place so that you have them all as an easy reference guide.  How nice is that?!

That being said, if there’s anything that we have missed on the list that you would like to know more about, we’d love to hear from you.  So please do get in touch using this link here.


Top 5 Drinks Dispenser Backpack FAQs

So, without further ado, here are our top five most frequently asked questions and the answers to them too.  We hope you find them useful.


1. What Types of Drinks Can be Dispensed?

We have three different types of drinks dispenser backpacks in our range, as well as our Hunger PacksUsherette Trays and Wicker Vendor Trays.  The difference between our three Thirst Packs are based on what can be dispensed from them:


2. Can My Drinks Dispenser Backpack be Branded?

YES, absolutely!

We are pro’s at creating branding that fits perfectly with you brand and budget.  We have created everything from custom shaped packs (including bottle and barrel shapes with pantone matched colours and accurately reproduced labels) to simple but effective printed branding panels.

Our branding panels are also easily interchangeable allowing smooth transition of the packs from promotion to promotion.

Stowford Press Beer Barrel Mobile Vendor Drinks Backpack by Thirst Solution


3.  How Long Do Drinks Stay Hot / Cold?

Our Thirst Packs are created with technology to ensure that your product stays at ambient temperature for up to 4 hours.


4. How Much Can One Drinks Dispenser Backpack Hold?


5. What is the Difference Between the 3 Drinks Dispenser Backpacks?

          The Thirst Solution Compact Beer BackpacksThe Thirst Solution Dual Dispense Beer BackpacksThe Thirst Solution Universal Beer Backpacks



Over to You…

We do hope this has answered any questions you have about our products.  If you’d like to read more about our drinks dispenser backpacks then we think this blog post will be of interest to you: Why Choose Our Beer Backpack For Your Client / Brand?

As mentioned earlier if you have more specific questions please do get in touch with us here.



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution is the answer to satisfying your consumers – our mobile vending solutions include: Thirst Pack beer backpacks / mobile vending drinks dispenser, Hunger Pack mobile food packs, Usherette Tray concession trays & Wicker Vendor Tray mobile vendor trays.

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