Product sampling backpacks are an innovative way to get brands in the hands of target consumers.

They allow brands to reach their target consumers at a time and place specifically where you know they will be, such as festivals and events.  Product sampling backpacks also allow brands to be received in a positive way – and most importantly, their target consumers will be HAPPY to receive samples from them.


The sales generating dream

Reaching consumers in a way which creates good feeling towards products and brands, warms them up to receiving product information, messaging and offers that the server can be pre-prepared with.  This leads to sales in the near future from people actively seeking out the product they samples – which is exactly the results that sampling activity should be delivering.

Happy consumers + Positive brand experience = Brand advocates

At events and festivals, sampling can be used in a very real way to promote sales of a new or existing product.  Especially by brands who are looking for a hands on way to drive sales through positive consumer engagement.

Product sampling backpacks can be used pro-actively to engage with target consumers in crowds, in queues and in key positions throughout a venue.

  Thirst Solution Mobile Vending and Product Sampling Backpack

Why event organisers are investing in product sampling backpacks

Event organisers recognise the value product sampling has to brands involved with their event.  Product sampling packages give organisers an additional product to sell to brands or to form part of an exclusive sponsorship package.  And product sampling backpacks are the perfect way to achieve this, by creating cut through for brands in a very busy, otherwise near impossible to penetrate, market place.

Product sampling at events is specific and targeted activity, yielding high results for brands who know their target consumer will be at this specific event.  This gives event organisers huge leverage as they are creating an event which has a perfect fit for certain brands who actively WANT to be there – marketers of these brands are dreaming of opportunities like this!


Everything you need to know

At Thirst Solution we now offer three types of product sampling backpacks, meeting the needs of event organisers, their customers and satisfying event go-ers, all in one nifty backpack:


All three of our product sampling backpacks are designed as a perfect fit for product sampling at events both large and small. We also offer interchangeable branding panels which can be used to either advertise the different products, your own marketing messages or those of your sponsors such as their branding.


What are you waiting for?

Create excitement amongst your sponsors by adding our product sampling backpacks to your next event:


Why not also invest in product sampling hunger packs for brands looking to sample foods such as ice-cream?  Read more about it here and explore the details here.



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution can be the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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