Thirst Solution Usherette Trays are Product Sampling PerfectionProduct sampling is a fantastic, instantly effective way of reaching your target market with YOUR product, without any competition at that given point.  It gives you the opportunity to introduce a brand new product to the market or even reach new markets with an existing product, in the very best way possible…

By using the power of tastebuds!

We all know that it’s true that if you try something and you LIKE it, you’re going to remember it positively.  Nothing is more convincing to a customer than what their tastebuds are telling them about your product.

Let their tastebuds be your sales team!  This is the power of product sampling.

Why Product Sampling

You have your product and you now need to achieve one of these three things:

  1. Introduce a brand new product to market
  2. Re-introduce an existing product to boost sales
  3. Introduce an existing product to new markets to create new sales channels


Product sampling is the perfect solution for almost all foods and drinks brands.  Getting customers to taste your products instantly builds a relationship between them and your brand, whilst clearing up any misconceptions.


But where do you start?

You need to discover a product sampling method that gives you the edge.  That lets you easily slip into the world of your target market and be welcomed with open arms.  That allows you to strike conversation, to discover their thoughts, their likes and dislikes and introduce your product to them in a way which gets them excited.


How exactly do you do this though?


It Begins With Our Usherette Trays…

You can select one of 15 off the shelf colours, to which we can then add your branding to personalise it.  Or, we can make bespoke Usherette Trays just for you, colour matched exactly to your brand colours and branded with your logo.  Either way it’s the perfect product sampling solution to showcase your exciting product(s) to your target market.



Decide how many Usherette Trays you will require and where you want to send them.   Do your research to discover the perfect days and times that your target market will be in those locations to ensure the best success for your product sampling campaign.  And get it booked in your diary!


Aim Even Higher…

Consider how you can make even more success from your product sampling campaign.  How you can really drive buy in, sales and loyalty from the customers you have sampled.

This can be a simple money off coupon from their next purchase (with trackable reference numbers or bar codes to allow you to gauge it’s success); a loyalty card or even something free with their next purchase, exclusively for them.

What we’re saying here, is think up a way (or replicate strategies which have worked successfully for other brands) to get people you have sampled to act.  To get in the habit of buying your product.  To drive sales.


Getting The Right Staff…

Hire the perfect sampling staff to go out and connect with your target customers.  There are a range of really experienced, highly recommended experiential agencies out there who would love to be working with you right now.  They are but a quick Google away.  Or if you would like recommendations we’d be happy to help when we chat about your order.

Make sure you write a comprehensive pre-sampling campaign brief for your chosen agency.  And talk them through it in detail – what you want from the campaign; how you would like the sampling staff to talk, their tone and personality; things to work into conversation, things to avoid and answers to obstructions they are likely to face.  The more detail you can give and the more time you put to this conversation with the agency, the better the results will be of your campaign because the staff will simply ‘get it’.


 And When Your Product Sampling Campaign is Over…  

When every person you’ve reached within your target market has tried and loved your product and your ROI just keeps increasing with post campaign sales (thanks to those coupons we mentioned earlier)… That’s when you start planning your next product sampling campaign.

And don’t forget to get in touch and see how we can help you make it even bigger and better!



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution is the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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