Snog Frozen Yogurt Hunger pack mobile vending food pack for sales and samplingSnog Frozen Yoghurt, Mmmmmmm.

This week we’re really pumped to be telling you about our work with frozen yogurt gurus Snog.

Snog are a really exciting and fun brand to be working with and thanks to their promotional genius our Hunger Packs can now be found throughout Wembley stadium serving customers during football events with delicious Snog frozen yogurts!

Snog are the masters of mobile vending (by the way have you seen their big pink bus?  Google it!!), they know how to be in the right place at the right time.  They came to us looking for something that would allow them to infiltrate the crowds on foot to take their products to places that other methods simply couldn’t go and provide them with a perfect fit for stadium events.  The solution needed to be lightweight and keep the product cold, but they also needed something that would make them stand out from the crowd, not get lost in it.

The fully branded and insulated mobile vendor packs were the perfect fit and look fantastic in their vibrant brand colours.  Most importantly the Snog mobile vendor packs are eye catching in crowds and even from a distance, so vendors are easy to spot.  With the added branding above head height, it’s easy for customers to know exactly what the vendor is selling.

We weren’t there, but we’re pretty sure the queue for the Snog frozen yogurt vendor would have been the biggest one at the stadium!

We love the tongue in cheek brand personality and vibrancy of Snog, so it was an absolute pleasure making these mobile vendor packs for them.  The feedback we’ve had from them is great – no-one ended up with warm frozen yogurt, because that would have just been yogurt…and where’s the fun in that?

Don’t forget, next time you’re at Wembley, be sure to get yourself a Snog!



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