We’ve been at it again!!  This time our infamous innovation has been focused on a rather exciting brief from the wonderful people at Stowford Press to creat something that is honestly and truly magnificent, and so completely different from anything else that is or has been on the market before it.  Stowford Press wanted to stand out by redefining everything it means to be in the mobile vending industry and create a huge impact.

Stowford Press Custom Mobile Drinks Dispenser Branding by Thirst Solution

They needed something that would prove to be inspirational.  Something that they could use to be seen at the rather prestigious England Cricket matches.  Something that they could use to serve their absolutely delicious cider to thirsty cricket fans that was truly ‘Stowford Press’.  Something to drive a massive sales opportunity.  Something that would be head turning AND memorable.  That something was completely customised Thirst Packs.

And what else would you expect from a brand like Stowford Press?


The Concept

Customised mobile hawking backpacks for Stowford Press

Stowford Press is a brand that is proud of it’s heritage and derives a huge amount of authenticity by embracing that.  Part of the H Weston & Son company which dates back to 1878, they’ve created a range to date of a staggering 150 products.

Incorporating the company heritage and values into the customised Thirst Pack design was a clear and crucial move.  It didn’t take long for the idea of the barrel shaped customised Thirst Pack to be born.

And nothing oozes heritage quite like a wooden barrel for a cider brand!

The concept fitted the brand perfectly and gave great opportunities for branding – their marketing messaging was naturally and effortlessly incorporated into their bespoke design.  The Stowford Press customised Thirst Packs ticked all the boxes of their brief:

It had to be head turningStowford Press Graphics for mobile drinks dispenser backpack by Thirst Solution

It had to stand out in a busy crowd

It had to be unique yet fitting with the Stowford Press brand

It had to be instantly recognisable as Stowford Press Cider

It had to be a design that would drive those sales


Now came the fun part – turning the exciting concept into a reality!!


The Final Cut: Stowford Press’s Bespoke Thirst Packs

Stowford Press Unique Mobile Drinks Dispenser Beer Backpacks by Thirst Solution Customised Thirst Packs

Working on Stowford Press’s customised thirst packs was an exciting project that really got the creative juices flowing!!  Our favourite part of the Thirst Solution range is honestly the custom work that we do.  Getting creative, coming up with off the wall ideas and seeing those ideas right through to the final product is a real buzz.  Getting really positive and excited feedback from our clients always helps a little bit too!

We’re really proud to work with Stowford Press and the end result is an absolutely fantastic, customised Thirst Pack.  And what can we say, being able to say we’re the supplier to the cider brand of English Cricket, well, that’s a bit of a treat too!

If you spot one of the Stowford Press customised Thirst Pack at the cricket this year, let us know and tell us what you think.


Stowford Press Beer Barrel Mobile Vendor Drinks Backpack by Thirst Solution


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