One part of the Thirst Solution product sampling range, that we don’t talk about as often as we should,  is our innovative Roller Pack.  To put this right, this entire blog post is dedicated to those rolling sampling wonders, how impactful they are and why every events industry professional should be taking a serious look at them.


What Is The Thirst Solution Roller Pack?

Our Roller Pack is the wheeled version of our hugely popular  Universal Thirst Pack.  The wheeled solution for staff who may not wish to or be comfortable carrying a backpack, to operate the system with full mobility, simply by rolling it into place.

Thirst Solution Roller Pack for Mobile Vending and Sampling

How Roller Packs Make Product Sampling Easy

Roller Packs are the super-easy option for product sampling of any liquid type – draught, hot, cold, cans and bottles it does it all.  A completely portable Thirst Pack on wheels providing all the benefits with the added ease of wheeled mobility.  Simply roll into place and begin serving.

Complete with our usual Thirst Solution interchangeable branding panels, the Roller Pack allows your branding / marketing message to be seen, reaching the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

This dynamic duo of brand awareness and product sampling serves the consumer with a positive brand experience leading the way for the server to open conversation about the product.  And positive brand experience is the driver for loyal, life long customers….dare we say it – brand ambassadors.


Why Invest In Roller Packs For Your Next Sampling Activity Boost?

Roller Packs are a great choice for drinks product sampling.  Perfect for situations where staff are unable to carry a backpack, without compromising on the impact of the sampling promotion or on portability where the ability to be mobile is paramount.  With high visibility and brandable panels, the same high level of promotion is applied as our Thirst Packs.

To top this off our branding panels are interchangeable, increasing the usable lifespan of the Roller Pack by simply refreshing the branding for each brand or product to be served.  This can mean huge levels of additional revenue as the Roller Pack can be used over and over for different products, so if offering Roller Packs as part of a sampling package or even to sample your own variety of products (leading to further sales), it can generate an income all of its own.


In Summary

So in a nutshell, if you’re an events industry professional, experiential or sampling agency, brand or venue; you know the benefits of product sampling and you’re wanting to make it mobile and easy… Roller Packs are the product that will take your sampling campaign to a whole new level.




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