Stadium vending backpacks are the solution both to queue busting and creating sales opportunities.  One product single handedly making consumers happy, delivering a positive brand experience, and increasing revenue for events and venues worldwide.



Did you know the capacity for Wembley Stadium is 90,000, the O2 Arena is 20,000 and the Manchester Arena is 21,000?  Each event held at these types of venues draws a huge and very targeted audience.  This in turn creates sales opportunities for the venues to work with specific brands whose products fit with this target market.

In short, brands focus on targeted marketing.  Events provide large targeted audiences.  Venues therefore provide brands with a means to reach their target market – something they could not do any other way on this scale.

So, providing stadium vending backpacks as a way for brands to infiltrate a large section of their target market to directly increase sales, in a way which they will be very well received…  And bringing products to event go-ers that they will love…  Creates an opportunity for venues to increase revenue whilst simultaneously satisfying brands and consumers.

Win. Win. Win.


How can venues maximise profits through stadium vending backpacks?

There are many innovative ways to utilise stadium vending backpacks to increase revenue for venues and events.  Interestingly, many of these also have the knock on effect of adding value to brands featuring at the event, helping to create sales opportunities:


Who is it really benefiting?

So we’ve discussed why stadium vending backpacks are a necessity for big venues such as arenas and stadiums.  We’ve also touched on how revenue can be maximised through the use of our backpacks.

But who is really benefiting from stadium vending backpacks?

The easy answer to this is the consumer.  Yes the venue makes profits, the brands get the opportunity to increase sales in a targeted way, but the real winners are the consumers.

When our stadium vending backpacks are in use at big events, it gives consumers the opportunity to purchase their refreshments without having to make it all the way to the refreshment stand, then having to queue just to be stood 10 deep before trying to get the attention of the staff in order to be served.  It offers them convenience.

It may sound simplistic, but one of the biggest gripes consumers have about big events is queuing.  With our stadium vending backpacks we’re able to help cut that queue and keep consumers happy.  And in the ‘on-demand’ world we live in, we’re also able to bring the refreshment stand to them.


The science bit…

We have three types of stadium vending backpacks to choose from, different backpacks meeting the different needs of each venue and their individual events.  All three are designed for product vending at events of all sizes.

The key benefit to all our stadium vending backpacks is the interchangeable branding panels.  These interchangeable panels can be used to either advertise the different products, marketing messages of the stadium or those of sponsors and advertisers.

Here’s a quick guide to our stadium vending backpacks:

Thirst Solution drinks pack for mobile vending and product sampling at events (2)

What are you waiting for?

As a venue manager or event organiser who wants to increase revenue, work with leading brands and improve customer experience; our stadium vending backpack is the solution for you.

Why not expand your opportunities further by investing in product sampling hunger packs for brands looking to sample food?  Read more about it here and explore the details here.



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution can be the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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