Product Sampling Backpacks – The Future of Sampling

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Product sampling backpacks are an innovative way to get brands in the hands of target consumers. They allow brands to reach their target consumers at a time and place specifically where you know they will be, such as festivals and events.  Product sampling backpacks also allow brands to be received in a positive way – and most importantly, their target [...]

Festival Drinks Dispenser – Revolutionising Festivals

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Everyone enjoys the summer festival season. From the very first whiff of spring in the air consumers are planning which festivals to go to, who will be going with them, how they are going to decorate their tent so they recognise it and if they’re going to be needing wellies or sunscreen this year! But, there’s always [...]

Presenting: The Drinks Pack

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Events can wildly range in size from a few hours at a small local festival; right through to large-scale, country-wide, 16 day affairs such as the London 2012 Olympics (our Thirst Packs where there and it was amazing! Read about it here). But, one problem they all have in common is: How to satisfy consumer demand [...]