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The Rental Solution For Somerset House

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You know us well by now, here at Thirst Solution we love to shout about some of the brilliant and interesting customers that we have and how our products have helped provide them with a really effective solution. This blog post is no different!!  Today, we’re taking a look at Somerset House and how our rental [...]

Our Mobile Drinks Dispenser is Leading the Way

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We like to think of ourselves as innovators.  And our mobile drinks dispenser is certainly proving to be just that – leading the way worldwide! Our mobile drinks dispenser (you may have heard it referred to as a beer backpack) has been supplied to customers in over 100 countries around the world, and counting.  This means [...]

The Mobile Drinks Dispenser – They Said It Couldn’t Be Done…

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Ok, we don’t really know who ‘they’ are…  And ‘they’ certainly never said it directly to our faces.  But that doesn’t make our point any less valid!! When we first came up with the concept of a mobile drinks dispenser, also lovingly known […]