At Thirst Solution we are very proud of our entire product range and how our innovative ethos has allowed us to grow and diversify.  But, we will always stay humble to our roots – the beer backpack…

The idea was simply

to walk through a crowd and offer refreshment – this is where Thirst Solution’s mobile vending solution was born.

It was a major issue that people were finding at events in all their forms – stuck in a crowd, trying to get a drink.  Taking refreshment to consumers, rather than the consumers having to find it, was a pretty ingenious idea back in 2006.  It was something no-one was doing anywhere in the world and to this day we believe no-one has satisfied as many thirsty consumers as Thirst Solution.


Why every event needs our beer backpack

Our range of ‘beer backpacks’ are brilliant in their simplicity:


Because of this we have become a thriving global distributor of our beer backpack – trusted by companies in over 100 countries to deliver a product that will answer all of their, their customers and their consumers needs.

Thirst Solution beer backpack for mobile vending and product sampling at events

When an event organiser purchases one of our beer backpacks, they do so with knowledge that they are able to:


So events looking to drive sales…  Generate increased revenue…  Offer associated brands /partners an innovative and bespoke opportunity…  AND who want to do all of this whilst making event-goers happy….  Then Thirst Solution’s range of mobile vending solutions, including our beer backpack, is the obvious fit.


Our success

The numbers say it all – a combined total of over 112k (and rising) satisfied consumers have been served by Thirst Solution’s beer backpack and coffee backpacks.  That’s a lot of extra revenue generated for our clients and their events!  Are you missing out?

Thirst Solution Stats for Mobile Vending and Product Sampling




Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution can be the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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