Marketing products is all about reaching the right people.  With the right product.  In the right place.  At the right time.  Nothing is able to give you this in greater effect than our very own food sampling pack (hunger pack).

 Thirst Solution Hunger Pack Food Sampling Pack Mobile Food Dispenser pack for mobile vending and product sampling at events

You know who you’re trying to reach: hungry consumers of your target market…  

You know the perfect product to solve their needs: that’s right, YOUR product will solve their hunger!  

You know where there are going to be lots of them: at an event / venue / festival where lots of your target market gather.  

You even know when they’re going to be hungry for your product: at intervals / in the crowd / when getting to the refreshment stand seems impossible. 

But…   When hunger calls, how do you make sure YOUR product answers?

The simple solution to making your consumers happy, is to be there when they need you.  Now you can achieve this at any event, venue, festival, in the crowd, at their seats or even whilst they are queueing.


With the innovative, fully brandable, food sampling pack.  Our food sampling pack, also known as Hunger Packs, are the ultimate solution to mobile food vending and sampling promotions.

If you’re looking for guaranteed results, to boost sales, to reach your target consumers directly and to have the opportunity to talk to them about your product…  Then our food sampling pack is the winning solution for you.

Popular amongst experiential agencies, event organisers, venues and big brands themselves; our food sampling pack has proven its value when it comes to driving the results for sampling campaigns.  That’s why we’re the trusted provider to big names such as Mars, Krispy Creme, Walmart, and Birmingham City FC.

 Thirst Solution Hunger Pack Food Sampling Pack Mobile Food Dispenser for Events

Our food sampling pack – it’s all in the detail…

Everything you need to know about our food sampling pack, is detailed below, you can also watch our video here:


Don’t forget we love receiving bespoke requests, so if you have something different you’d like to do for your product – tell us!!  We’d love to solve your problem for you.



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