Ok, we don’t really know who ‘they’ are…  And ‘they’ certainly never said it directly to our faces.  But that doesn’t make our point any less valid!!

When we first came up with the concept of a mobile drinks dispenser, also lovingly known as ‘beer backpacks’ (though don’t be fooled, it’s serves far more than just beer!)…  People honestly thought nothing would come of it.  After all, why would anyone want to go to the extreme and the hassle of taking their product to people, when people already go to them?

When consumers are at an event, and they feel the need for refreshment, they seek out the refreshment stand that suits them – food, drinks, snack shacks or a bar.  They’d stand in line, possibly missing out important parts of the event they are there to be involved in, not spending their money on other things, getting frustrated and not enjoying themselves.  But they would wait in line, because that was their only option.

So we said:

‘But what if that wasn’t their only option?  What if they didn’t have to get frustrated?  Why shouldn’t they enjoy getting refreshment?  What if we created a mobile drinks dispenser?  And what if, in doing this, they’d be spending more money at the event, increasing sales and revenue?’

And ‘they’ quickly realised that we were onto something…

Thirst Solution Stats for Mobile Vending and Product Sampling

What’s The Hype?

Nearly 10 years on and our mobile drinks dispenser is the go-to product for brands from over 100 countries around the world.

Global mobile vending success…sorry we got a bit side-tracked there!

What we meant to say is – that our mobile drinks dispenser, and latterly our Usherette Trays, seem to have solved a problem for brands the world over.  Not only that, we’re proving our products are of such quality and are of such an asset to their marketing campaigns, sales and revenue; that once customers have tried our products they consistently come back and order again and again.


The Facts About Our Mobile Drinks Dispenser:

Here’s a very quick overview of our mobile drinks dispenser,


Thirst Solution Dual Dispense Pack mobile drinks dispenser


For the full specification by product please click on any of these links to read more and to see videos of the products in action: compact thirst pack, dual dispense pack, hunger pack, universal thirst pack, usherette tray, wicker vendor tray.



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