The mobile hawker backpack, otherwise known as our Thirst Pack, or even referred to as a beer backpack, is the industry leader in mobile vending.  But what does this really mean?

What Is A Mobile Hawker Backpack?

Quite simply, our mobile hawker backpack (Thirst Pack / beer backpack), is a backpack that dispenses drinks, allowing the wearer to sell or sample products direct to consumers.  Our range of Thirst Packs can dispense hot, cold, carbonated, still and bottled – there’s a solution for every need.

Being mobile means the mobile hawker can move around, making it perfect for seeking out crowds to queue bust throughout events and venues.  They also create direct sales opportunities in places that would not have been accessible in any other way – creating additional revenue.

If ever there were a product created to directly increase sales and therefore revenue, by creating a new way of reaching targeted audiences, this is it!

Thirst Solution Dual Dispense Pack mobile drinks dispenser mobile hawker


Why YOU Should Be Buying

Do your objectives for your next event include of any of the following:


Our mobile hawker backpacks offer the solution to each and every one of these objectives.  All in one product.  One outlay.  And the best part is that with interchangeable branding panels, they can be used time and time again for product after product – further providing value to your event.

There aren’t many products out there that can say that!

Mobile vending solutions for sales and sampling activity by mobile hawker
Mobile vending solutions for sales and sampling activity by mobile hawker


Why Work With The Industry Leaders?

Thirst Solution was born out of a worldwide gap in the market that we identified for mobile vending at events.  Nearly 10 years on and now with a range of mobile vending products in our portfolio, we’re still leading the way in the industry and constantly innovating to help keep our customers 1 step ahead.  This is where we really add value to our customers.

We’ve a proven track record in rocketing sales in the mobile vending industry, through our variety of products which cover the entire refreshments market – including hot and cold food as well as all types of drinks.  Hot, cold, carbonated, still and bottled, mobile hawker Thirst Packs do them all!




Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution is the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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Thirst Solution: The Best Mobile Vending Solutions on the Planet!

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