You know us well by now, here at Thirst Solution we love to shout about some of the brilliant and interesting customers that we have and how our products have helped provide them with a really effective solution.

This blog post is no different!!  Today, we’re taking a look at Somerset House and how our rental mobile drinks backpacks (beer backpacks) have created a brand new avenue to drive sales…


The Somerset House Rental Story

Somerset House, is, their very own words:

Somerset House is a major cultural centre in the heart of London. During summer months 55 fountains dance in the courtyard, and in winter you can skate on London’s favourite ice rink. Somerset House also programmes contemporary art and design exhibitions, free displays, family workshops and guided tours.


We couldn’t have put it better ourselves – doesn’t it sound magical!


So, how do Thirst Solution rental packs fit in with this?


We’re glad you asked!!

Somerset House came to us looking to drive their incremental refreshments sales.  Of course, mobile vending being our forte, we jumped up and down with excitement and got straight to work!

We’re pleased to say that we were able to create a rental package to tick every one of their needs and more.

With the rental of 12 Thirst Packs (also commonly known as beer backpacks), now in it’s 4th year of hire, Somerset House were able to open new sales avenues that supported, yet did not detract from their bar sales, serving a range of:


Our Thirst Pack beer backpacks were able to do this by being mobile within their grounds.  This meant customers had a way of conveniently purchasing drinks outside without disrupting their experience and helping them avoid the queues!

The perfect solution to drive sales for when the big screen viewings were on and people didn’t want to go inside to the bar and miss part of the show – adding value and improving customer experience in one go.

Thirst Solution beer backpack for mobile vending and product sampling at events

Rental sales success

Somerset House have been so pleased with the success of our rental package of our Thirst Packs that we have now been working together for over 4 years.  Supporting their objectives to drive sales without detracting from their customer’s experience, we’re thrilled to be able to say that we were the solution they were looking for!


Did you know: even our rental service comes with bespoke branding solutions!



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution is the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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