You know us well by now, we’re the people who make, we believe, the best mobile vending backpacks on the planet.  But did you know we make, we believe, the best concession trays on the planet too?

Mobile vending is what we’re all about. With over 10 years in business we’re still growing and developing new and intriguing ideas.  But our core value is all about making the best mobile vending products possible – drinks backpacks, food packs, usherette trays and wicker vendor trays.

So with this in mind, today we want to talk about our usherette trays – more commonly known as concession trays (or ice-cream concession trays if you’re a regular theatre go-er!) – and fill you in on why we love our concession trays so much!


Thirst Solution Concession Trays, The Best Bits

We’re going to jump right on in and give you a quick-fire list of all the best bits about our concession trays. So here goes:


You can watch the video featuring our Usherette Tray concession trays and see for yourself how it works.  The quality of our trays is what we’re proud of.

Get in touch today if you’d like to know more, place an order or discuss your specific needs.



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution is the answer to satisfying your consumers – our mobile vending solutions include: Thirst Pack beer backpacks / mobile vending drinks dispenser, Hunger Pack mobile food packs, Usherette Tray concession trays & Wicker Vendor Tray mobile vendor trays.

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