Coming toward our tenth year of trading, we felt it apt to write a blog post about Thirst Solution as a company, sharing with you our story, from the very beginning…

How It All Began

Thirst Solution was launched in April 2006 after our Director recognised a worldwide gap in the market for mobile vending.  Hitting the ground running, we successfully obtained a loan from the Princes Trust to get the business started – and have never looked back!

The very first product in the Thirst Solution range was the Universal Thirst Pack.  This was the worlds only 3-in-1 function mobile drink dispensing backpack. The Universal Thirst Pack dispenses cans, bottles and draught – no-one else was doing this!  This humble, yet unique and innovative product transformed the mobile vending and product sampling industries.

The Universal Thirst Pack was a huge hit with Thirst Solution customers, as it offered supreme value for money by combining bottles/cans and draught into the same pack – something you would have had to buy 2 separate packs for previously…  If you could get hold of them.

Thirst Solution has gone from strength to strength thanks to our ‘can do‘ attitude. If a customer asks IF we can do something….  We will always say yes – and always find a way! This has been crucial to new product development, building on the success of the Universal Thirst Packs to create a range, including:

It’s also allowed Thirst Solution to work with some world leading brands, agencies and venues, all looking for bespoke solutions.


What Makes Thirst Solution Special?


The Future of Thirst Solution

Looking forward, Thirst Solution’s plans are to build awareness of the full range of products both in he UK and worldwide, break through to new markets worldwide and continue building on the success so far experienced over the last 10 years.  Always on the ball, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for that new product that we haven’t even discovered yet!  Who knows what will be added to the growing range in years to come…

2016 sees Thirst Solution’s 10th anniversary.  With big plans already underway, we’re keeping everything top secret – so watch this space, as we know with Thirst Solution…anything is possible!



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution can be the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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Thirst Solution: The Best Mobile Vending Solutions on the Planet!

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