We recently received some jaw-dropping feedback about our Usherette Trays from Shopper Events.  Their feedback was so insightful that we wanted to share it – no, in fact we wanted to shout it from the rooftops!!

The Shopper Events Story

Our collaboration with Shopper Events was formed just over 12 months ago with the objective of optimizing brand awareness.  We achieved this through innovative mobile sampling with our Usherette Trays in stores across the whole of the USA.  With an initial order of 250 Usherette Trays, the pilot proved hugely successful and very soon Shopper Events were placing an order for more!

Thirst Solution Usherette Trays


Here’s What Shopper Events Had To Say

My name is Robbie Mantooth and I work for Shopper Events, the largest direct Event engagement company in the world!

We have been piloting the Thirst Solution Usherette Tray for over a year in stores throughout America and we have seen the following fantastic results.



In a customer’s travel through the store they typically do not want to be disrupted.  But with the Usherette Trays we have been able to reach people with unmitigated success.

Bringing the TASTE of a specific product to their tongues, we create lifelong brand loyalty that we had until now been unable to accomplish with elaborate and costly POP, DEMO STATION and SET Displays.

We love Thirst Solution!


The Mobile Sampling Game Changer

With feedback like this, we’ve been walking on air all week!

Using our innovative products, Shopper Events have shown they really are game changing industry leaders.

But it got us thinking…  With this kind of impact on mobile sampling in stores throughout the entire USA, and that’s a big sample area, shouldn’t everyone have the chance to take advantage of our Usherette Trays?

And that’s exactly what we want to do for YOU.



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution is the solution to satisfying your consumers – we’re already excited to work with you!



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