At Thirst Solution we are very proud as we are celebrating this year, 2016.  We can now officially say we have been in business for 10 whole years!

10 years making mobile vending solutions incl mobile vending drinks backpacks and usherette trays


A Decade of Providing Mobile Vending Solutions to the World!

Just over 10 years ago when we first noticed that gap in the market, that gap where people were fed up of queuing but there seemed to be nothing consistently solving their problem… Well we could never have imagine where we are today – 10 years later.

We have been successful in providing mobile vending solutions for some major, world renowned events like the London 2012 Olympics; to major international companies such as Coca-Cola and even to business start-ups who were only looking to order 1 unit and who we have since been privileged enough to watch their businesses flourish.

If this was a CV we’d be pretty impressed with it!

And yet it’s effectively our own CV, looking back at everything we have been a part of around the world, well we are very proud of it all and the great business which we have built.

With Thanks

Of course we have done absolutely none of this on our own.  It is with thanks to every single person who is part of Thirst Solution but even bigger thanks to every one of our customers who love the mobile vending solutions that we create.

You provide a true testament to the fact that excellent quality products that provide an easy and effective solution, really is the ethos for a business to build on.

And so we have.  So thank you!  Now we are celebrating.



Contact us now to discuss how Thirst Solution is the answer to satisfying your consumers – our mobile vending solutions include: Thirst Pack beer backpacks / mobile vending drinks dispenser, Hunger Pack mobile food packs, Usherette Tray concession trays & Wicker Vendor Tray mobile vendor trays.

We’re already excited to work with you!



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