For brands, venues or agencies looking for the ultimate in high-end mobile vending or product sampling, we have the solution!  Our innovative Wicker Vendor Trays tick every box:


Of course we think they’re the bees knees, because of the months of gruelling product research, sampling and testing we put in to making them the absolute best they possibly could be…


But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We’ve worked with some really high-end clients, the type of brands who don’t go for the norm but create their own, iconic path.  Brands like this demand to be better than the best, crave eye-catching attention and need everything they work with to create a story about the products they sell.

Brands just like Ben and Jerry’s, Milka and Innocent to name but a few!  We hand picked these three highly selective customers who chose our Wicker Vendor Trays as their product sampling and mobile vending solution.  We loved the way their branding works with the wicker to create a really premium high-end feel.

Ben and Jerry's Wicker Vendor Trays


Above: Ben and Jerry’s Wicker Vendor Trays

Milka Wicker Vendor Trays


Above: Milka Wicker Vendor Trays

Innocent Wicker Vendor Trays

Above: Innocent Wicker Vendor Trays

And Here’s The Best Bit

Our Wicker Vendor Trays not only tick every box for high-end brands, but also in function and practicality.  Agencies and experiential staff too enjoy the benefits of a premium mobile sampling product that has also taken their every need into account:


Exceeding Customer Expectation

Of course above all else is the customers to these brands, the ones buying or sampling products from the Wicker Vendor Trays.  These are our harshest critics and so we work hard to ensure our trays fit with the brand experience they expect from the company using them.

And judging by the sales of the Wicker Vendor Trays and repeat orders from our customers, they are certainly more than doing their jobs.  We’re proud to say that to date we have had positive feedback after positive feedback, and that’s the icing on the cake for us!


The Wicker Vendor Trays have simply been a labour of love, to us every one going out the door feels pretty special indeed.



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